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Why a Photocall in Barcelona?

The photocall services in Barcelona have become essential in any self-respecting celebration. And it is that, when you gather a lot of diverse people for some reason, something that is not simple or habitual, you have to take advantage of it so that it remains an indelible memory. Of the general event and also of the particular presences.

Photocall services in Barcelona

Today, events that require the realization of photographs and videos are different. We are not only referring to classic celebrations, but also to animation events and teambuilding for companies and to all kinds of promotional events. That is why we exist the agencies that take care of providing these services and adapting them to modern times mainly through our photocall. A time that is marked by the implementation of new audiovisual technologies and the immediacy with which our customers want to observe the results.

The photographs and solemn videos of these events continue to have their audience and are products that will not disappear. However, the new generations demand more and more sophisticated formats and perfect finishes. Do not stick to the patterns established by their elders and demand new ways with which we, as providers of these audiovisual materials, agree…

Apart from a new treatment of images and sounds, they ask us to be able to capture the intensity of the moments they live, something that was somewhat complicated by the old practices. In the acts that we currently cover, without neglecting some formalities, above all we are asked to translate into our products the spontaneity of each second.

We have specialized, therefore, in immortalizing the joy and essence of the feelings. And to achieve this revolution in the contents that we offer, we have prepared a catalog of products that is ideally suited to this purpose.

With our photocall in Barcelona? You will be able to count on the opportune technology and attitude to give the audiovisual contents of your events that leap of quality that consists of the images evoking the emotion of what is being lived while they are being captured.

So we recommend you pay attention to how our services will help you to boast some images of your events full of life.

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Photocall services in Barcelona for weddings

Our service charter is broader than wedding photocall services. In the following lines we tell you what kinds of photographs of your social events you will be able to enjoy. Take note…

Custom Photocall

A photocall in Barcelona is that kind of stand ready to take photos that is so popular in the celebrations. So much that he can not miss any of them and, if that happened, he would be missing. Its purpose is to provide a frame, with decoration of joke, in which attendees can take pictures. Generally, collective photos, which are the ones that unite and transmit truth. In addition, you will have atrezzo, in this line of entertainment, to customize your photos. We refer to articles that will help you make these photos more fun as, for example, whiskers, hats and glasses that will not leave anyone indifferent.


Photo booth services have also become very popular. It is a simple system that allows you to take photographs like the ones we have described before on your own account and with a fixed camera that, although it seems to be from the time, has all the necessary technology to take instant photos. Like those of the photo booths that we have always used to get us out of the cards, but much more fun. In fact, you can see how the photo will appear on the screen and enjoy it immediately.


It is possible that you do not yet know this service, since it is one of the most original that we offer you. It consists of recording a very short video (only seven seconds), which will be used to produce a small book (fits in your hand) with photos corresponding to the sequences of that same video. A product different from all the others and that supposes an exclusive product, since nobody else will have such a personalized memory. Technology of the most sophisticated and results of a great rapidity to continue innovating as providers of images.

Promotional acts

Any investment made in advertising, to be successful requires the quality associated with the use of qualified human resources and material conditions. All promotional events must be planned in detail and we are accustomed to provide expertise to make them look bright and, in addition, a great memory of them. A memory that, on the other hand, can be used as many times as the client needs it. Keep in mind that we are aware of the latest trends in marketing and can advise you about them, although our intention is to adapt to your needs and preferences.


That we are specialized in the new audiovisual formats that are being consolidated in advertising and celebrations does not mean that we leave the traditional ones aside. Needless to say, we have a great regard for them and, therefore, we put all our professionalism, all our means and all our efforts to offer you products of an excellent invoice. We adapt to the type of style that you like (more spontaneous or solemn) and we work with care to provide you with a catalog of the most complete, in which you will not miss anything.


The same can be said about the video. We dedicate all the time that is necessary to its recording, editing and editing. It is a unique memory that no client dismisses. You will receive a product in which you will not miss any special moment or any guest. Remember also that we can offer you very competitive prices for these services, which you can hire in pack. And do not forget that you can enjoy the printing of unlimited copies. In short, the photocall services in Barcelona and the rest that we have presented to you will make your event an event that will always be remembered with happiness.

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