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Photocall services have become inherent to any good celebration in Barcelona.
Getting a lot of diverse people together is easier said than done, so it is important to ensure ever-lasting memories of the event and its attendees are created.

Photocall services in Barcelona

Nowadays there are plenty of events that require photo and video services. It is no longer the case for classic celebrations, but rather teambuilding, leisure and promotional events for companies and individuals. That’s why agencies such as ours exist, to offer services that adapt to current times and needs.
Now it’s the time for ground-breaking audio-visual technologies that give immediate results which clients who wish to do so can get their hands on straight away.

Solemn photographs and video of those events continue to appeal to a certain type of client and won’t disappear. However, new generations are pushing for more sophisticated formats and a perfect finish. They no longer conform to the patterns long established by prior generations and they are calling for new formats that we, audio-visual providers, are strongly supporting.

In addition to a new treatment of images and sounds, clients are asking us to immortalise the intensity of the moments they experience, something very complicated following old practices. In the events we are currently covering we are mostly being asked to use our products to capture the spontaneity of every second.

We have specialised in immortalising happiness and the essence of feelings. To be able to offer revolutionary content to our clients we have crafted a unique catalogue of products and services.

We have the right technology and attitude in our photocalls to bring the quality of your event’s audio-visual content one step further. The images we record capture the emotion and atmosphere of your event.

We advise you to pay attention to how our services will contribute to you being able to boast about images full of life from your events in the future.

Photocall services for weddings

We offer much more than just photocall services for weddings.
In the lines bellow we will tell you what other kinds of products you will be able to enjoy in your social events. Take note.

Customised photocall

In essence, photocalls are a kind of stand set up for people to take photos of themselves. They include a frame with funny decorations where party attendees can get their photos taken. Generally, collective photos are the ones that bring most people together and that highlight the event’s emotion better.
In addition to the frame, attendees can also find plenty of props such as fake moustaches and funny glasses to customise their pictures.
Photocalls have become so popular that no party or celebration would be the same without one.


Photobooth services have also become really popular. It is a simple system that allows you to take photographs, like the ones in the photocall, on your own with a fixed camera. Although it may sound old-fashioned, the photobooth is equipped with the necessary technology to take instant photos, just like the ones we used to take passport photos in the past but a lot more fun. In fact you’ll be able to check the photo in the screen before printing it, enjoying it immediately.


It is possible that you have never heard of this service before since it is one of the most original ones we offer. It consists of recording a brief seven-second video that will be used to produce a small book, which can fit in your hand. The book will feature all the frames recorded in the video, making the images come to life as you flip through the pages.
Flipbooks are a unique and exclusive product, with nobody else being able to provide such customised souvenirs of your event.
It’s state-of-the-art technology, which offers great and fast results as we continue to innovate as image providers.

Promotional acts

Any successful investment in advertising needs to make the most of available resources to produce a product of the utmost quality. All promotional acts require careful planning and we are used to bringing in the expertise that makes them shine. We can also create long-lasting memories as many times as the client needs.
Remember, we are here to provide valuable advice about the latest marketing tendencies and to adapt our services and products to your needs and preferences.


The fact that we specialise in new audio-visual formats that are slowly becoming commonplace in advertising and event photography doesn’t mean we have forgotten traditional practices. We have them in high regard and that’s why we put our professionalism, resources and all our effort into offering affordable quality products. We adapt to your style of choice (spontaneous or more solemn) and we work carefully to bring you a very complete catalogue where you won’t miss anything.


We can say the same about video. We invest all the necessary time into recording, editing and assembling your video. It is a unique memory that any client will appreciate. You will receive a product where you won’t miss any special moment or any guest.

Remember, we can also offer highly competitive prices for those services, which you can book as part of a bundle deal. Don’t forget that you can also enjoy unlimited copy printing.

All and all, the photocall and the other services in Barcelona that we have just outlined will transform your event into a happy and unforgettable one.