A team building photo session

The Team Building Photo service is much more than a company photo session. It is a very useful activity to bring teams together, dynamic and fun, because photos are taken by workers themselves. It is perfect for events or team meetings.

We provide equipment and an assistant photographer and you provide the protagonists. We only need a place to make the session. We set up a photo studio wherever you desire, we provide the camera, the lighting and the background, so you can get started: In pairs, each worker takes the portrait of the other and vice versa. Living the experience of both sides, in front and behind the camera. During the session, the photographer will be giving instructions on how to get the best portraits, also helping participants to feel confortable in front of the camera.

Team building photo barcelona

Do not feel embarrassed!

How often the presence of a photographer leaves you embarrassed? Team Building Photo is a relaxed activity with an informal point. We get to see the protagonists interact, break communication barriers and lose shame in front of the camera, while taking photographs to each other.

After a Team Building Photo session, the teamwork of these workers will have gained fluency.

And in the end, the professional photo

Just after the participants have taken their photos, the photographer of Team Building Photo will take another one to each participant, so they have a great profile photo for Linkedin.

Photo lifestyle business

We are pioneers in this style of corporate photography that is already sweeping around the world. Lifestyle Business Photography is a new individual corporate photo style that captures a lifestyle and way of looking at the businesses that are trending between new entrepreneurs and startups.

Corporate profile photo

An image is worth more than 1,000 words, the same happens with your profile picture. Photos taken in the study on neutral backgrounds are ideal for the website of your business, Linkedin and other professional networks. Show the world your best professional profile and do it in style.

Corporative Photography

For those companies that need everything, we also have a plan that includes everything; Photography lifestyle business and corporate profile photo. The perfect combination for the most demanding who need profile photos, photos of their workspaces and lifestyle photos.

Team Building photo service in Barcelona.

  • El 93% of our clients are very satisfied with our service
  • Recommended duration: 1’5h per session (14 people), variable according to order (6 minutes per couple)
  • Optional printing service, in 15x20cm format. This way participants can take home a photo of the experience as a memory.
  • Easy to set up and transport
  • Service with dual functionality, teamwork and portrait photo for Linkedin
  • Proven with very good results in multinational companies
People photographed
Captured smiles
Photographs printed


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