How long will you be doing the service?

The basic service includes 2 hours. If you want more hours each hour it costs:
Photobolta and Photocall:  75€ + VAT.
Flipframe:  200€ + VAT.

• What do you need to do the service?

We need a space of 3 meters wide by 3 meters in length (9m²), a table
(in case you want costumes) and a power outlet.

How can we reserve the service?

First you can request a budget on the web and we will get in touch with you
you Or you can send an email to or call +34 670 304 741 for
check if there is availability. Once the services you wish to contract have been agreed upon,
50% of the budget and the rest will be paid the same day of the event.

• Is there an option to print the photos?

Photobolta and Photocall: includes the unlimited print of photographs.
Flipframe: includes the printout of 100 flipbooks.

• What size do impressions have?

Photobucket: 5×15 cm or 10x15cm.
Photocall: 10 × 15 cm or 15 × 20 cm.
Flipframe: 5×9 cm booklets.

• How long do you need to mount?

Photocall and Photocall: 1 hour.
Flipframe: 1 hour and 30 min.
Making the assembly before has an extra cost of 45€ / hour +VAT.

• In what kind of events can services be made?

We have photomatons, photocalls and flip-flops in company dinners, conventions,
Anniversaries, celebrations, weddings, school graduations and fairs, but if you have one
Another event we will be happy to be there

• We will have the photos in digital?


Can you customize the photos?

Yes, we can add text, logos, frames, etc.

Can you customize the service?

If! If you have not found a service with which you identify yourself, we can tailor it to you.
You can always customize (new material, new decoration …), so do not hesitate to make it